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Casey Turner could rope and ride like any man, and she scandalized folks by wearing boys' clothes, but when she strode down the streets of Hard Luck, Texas, nobody took her for anything but a beautiful woman. Working alongside her pa to keep the bank from foreclosing on the Bar T, she had no time for the frivolous things of life, no time for romance. But all that was about to change...

Michael Donovan had had a burr under his saddle about Casey for years. Ever since she caught him skinny-dipping in the river and stole his clothes, making him the laughingstock of the whole Circle D. The last thing he wanted was to be forced into marrying the little hoyden, but it looked like he had no choice if he wanted to safeguard the future of the Donovan ranch. Their families had been bitter enemies for years, but now his parents were urging Michael to court Casey, to treat her like a lady. He'd do his darndest, but he could never let on that underneath her pretty new dresses Casey was as wild as ever, and in his arms she was positively...BRAZEN.


Excellent book. Author keeps reader fully interested in what's coming next. I intend to read all half moon ranch books and probably several more. One of the best western romance writers I would imagine." -Amazon Customer

If you love a good western romance then this is one book you need to read. The storyline was extremely well written and the characters were well developed throughout the story. This was a double romance story by this author and one of the best western romance stories I have enjoyed reading. A definite five stars for this book!!!" -Amazon Customer

Such a wonderful Western romance between two childhood enemies who learn to love one another... One who spent his recent years back East and the other working like a ranch hand to help support her father's failing ranch. Both are amazed by the slow but definite changes in Casey Turner, the girl who works and dresses like a ranch hand, and it just makes you want to step right in to experience everything firsthand! I really loved this book, and I hope you will too. There's nothing like reading about a woman who can shoot a gun and the man she falls in love with." -Amazon Customer
Ebook | 382 pages | 978-1477842393 | October 29, 2013