Brides of Durango: Tessa by Bobbi Smith

Brides of Durango: Tessa

Brides of Durango: Tessa
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Some called her an angel, but marshal Jared Trent regarded her as trouble with a capital T. Tessa Sinclair owned the local boarding house where she not only took care of her guests, but also every unfortunate soul who crossed her doorstep. Brimming with compassion, Tessa was so busy rescuing others that she didn't notice the danger she faced—but Jared did. In fact, he noted every the willful beauty made.


Tessa prided herself on seeing the best in everyone, but Jared Trent's determination to curtail her activities sorely tested her patience. As handsome as he was infuriating, Jared unearthed feelings Tessa had never experienced before. And as he helped extract her from one perilous situation after another, she realized she wouldn't mind getting caught in some close encounters with the dashing lawman himself—like dreaming he would become the love of a lifetime.


"I have always enjoyed Bobbi Smith's books and this one was no different. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that appreciates historical romance. Her characters come alive in her writings..." -Kindle Customer 
Ebook | 400 pages | B074KNHH3J | August 3, 2017