Dream Warrior by Bobbi Smith

Dream Warrior

Dream Warrior
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New York Times bestselling author Bobbi Smith spins a compelling story of the forbidden love between a proud Indian warrior and the woman he cannot forget—or resist...

The Conflict He Feels

For years Silver Wolf had fought against the white blood that flowed through his veins. He was an Indian warrior who would protect his people at all costs. Yet resisting the desire he felt for Cari McCord was a battle he would never win. He had saved Cari from certain death in a blinding blizzard one night. Her beauty mesmerized him and her passion left him yearning for more...

The Woman He Yearns For

But she shared the same beliefs and customs of the men who had brought so much misery to his tribe. She was one of them. How could he ever trust her with his heart and soul? But the more he denies his love for Cari, the more he is drawn to her as he surrenders to a temptation that could set him free—or devastate him forever.


"I truly loved this book. I think it's the best Bobbi Smith book I've ever read. The characters are well developed and you really grow to love or hate them! DREAM WARRIOR has everything a good romance novel should have and then some. The storyline is amazing. There are adventure, love, betrayal and even a few steamy moments. The heroine in the book is not one of those crying whimpering women that make you want to scream. She is a strong female character. I would read this book again and I recommend to everyone!" -Amazon Customer 
Ebook | 480 pages | B07HS45JJT | June 1, 2007