Wanton Splendor by Bobbi Brown

Wanton Splendor

Wanton Splendor
Published by Montlake Romance
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Christopher Fletcher might have been a Northerner, yet he was anything but cold. From his simmering gaze to his lean strength, he infused heat throughout every part of Kathleen Kingsford's body. His very presence made the humid New Orleans nights even steamier. Caught amid her aunt's schemings, her brother's foolishness, and her enemy's greed, Katie longed for the solace Christopher promised. But could she trust this high-stakes gambler who bet a fortune without batting an eyelash? As a vicious hurricane descended, she had no choice.

Katie appeared at his door, her dress clinging to every curve, raindrops tracing tantalizing paths across her creamy skin. She had captivated him upon their first meeting when she blackened his eye to protect her brother. Ever since he'd wanted to be the one to protect her. And now she was here, Now she was his. Now they could finally surrender to their...WANTON SPLENDOR.


"I've read about 10 books from Bobbi Smith and this is the best of them all. The characters are complex and the story is fascinating and this story allows you to become personally involved in all the characters the good and the bad. This book is the most complex of all Ms. Smith books and the ride leaves you wanting for more at the end. It was a book that I was sad to put down after reading it because I wanted more." 
-Goodreads Reviewer 

Ebook | 448 pages | B00FAY1QZ4 | October 1, 1984